• do you...?

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    • Trust your inner guidance?

    • Feel reluctant to share with others out of fear of being judged as crazy or weird?

    • See or experience things that you cannot explain?

    • Ever notice "coincidences" and know deep inside they are so much more.  


    You are not alone.


    I see you. I feel you. I know you...because I was you.


    Together, we will de-mystify this world.

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    Hi! I'm Alyse Faith Shyne.

     I am a Multi-Generational Psychic Intuitive, a  Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Certified Crystal Healer.

    I am the Owner and Founder of The Healing Collective NY, a Wellness Center & Metaphysical Shop in White Plains, NY.

    Through a combination of bodywork, healing energy, intuitive readings, and coaching, I have proudly helped many clients transform their health and lives. 

    Earlier in my life I didn’t trust my intuition, or even know exactly what it was. I was too busy trying to fit in or be “normal” which caused me to be ridden with anxiety, depression, and felt completely misunderstood by those around me. Too often I would feel like I was crazy to believe the things that I knew to be true.

    After a series of events, which I later recognized as Divine Guidance, I entered Massage School which became a major turning point in my life.

    There, in that safe and supportive space, my intuition started re-awakening.

    I started to see colors and sense people’s energy while massaging them.

    I also received validation from more experienced healers around me, which helped me trust myself and my intuitive senses more and more.

    Deepening my own intuition practice has allowed me to create a fulfilling career I love, and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and clients.

    I can attest to the fact that my health has markedly improved now that I fully trust my inner guidance.

    I no longer feel anxious, depressed, or misunderstood.

    By living my soul’s purpose, I am able to provide a community, safe space, and guidance for you, so that you can discover your gifts allowing you to live your best life!

    I invite you to join me!

    xx, Alyse

  • Your soul’s inner voice is calling you and you're READY TO ANSWER THE CALL.

  • DURING THE 5 weeks

    of the intuitive Soul Guidance course, you will:

    ✔  Learn about the energy centers of your body and how to balance them with ease


    ✔ Learn how to clear, ground, and protect your personal energies


    ✔ Crystals 101- which crystals to use, what to use them for, and when to use them


    ✔ Identify your unique intuitive gifts.


    ✔ Connect and communicate with your Higher Self


    ✔ Meet your Spirit Guides 


    ✔ Learn how to ask for signs and what to do with them. 


    ✔ TRANSFORM your life!

  • You will receive...

    🜃 (2) 45 minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

    • 1 prior to the start of the course
    • 1 after the completion of the course

    🜂 5 Weeks of Online Class Zoom Meetings

    • 1.5 - 2 hours per class


    🜁 Course Ohm-work & Journaling Prompts, allowing you to deepen your intuition practice.


    🜄 Access to Private Facebook Online Community, a safe space for you to share and experience your celebrations and shifts.


    Live Q&A weekly sessions inside of our Facebook Community during our time together.


    🜂 As an Added Bonus: A custom intentional journal + oracle card deck will be shipped directly to you!

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  • if you desire...

    • To discover your own psychic tools.

    • To learn to trust the inner guidance you are receiving.

    • To incorporate your intuitive gifts into your profession. 

    • To be part of a community of like-minded women (you know the ones who understand your “weirdness” and who will celebrate everything you do, without the judgement)!

    • To release what no longer serves you and leaves you feeling stuck. 

    • To allow space for the people and things that are in full alignment with your highest good.

    • To finally take action and bring your dreams to life.

    The Intuitive Soul Guidance Course is the perfect fit for you!


    Sign up with a friend and you both will save $50 off the full cost

    Total Investment :  $897

    If you're still unsure, let's chat!

     Schedule your free 15 minute discovery call with me!