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  • intuitive soul guidance

    with Alyse Faith


    Hello, I'm Alyse and I'm here to help people like you, tune into your soul's purpose.


    How would it feel to be able to clear out toxic relationships and attract the ones that make your heart sing with joy?


    Would you love to be free of fears and anxiety about your future?


    Could you use some guidance in making a big life decision?


    Would you love to manifest more abundance and joy in your life?


    The universe is shifting now and allowing all of us to manifest our best lives.


    Let me show you how!






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    Soul Guide goddess

    Alyse Faith Shyne

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    About Me

    Psychic Intuitive & Soul Guide



    I am a Multi-generational Psychic Intuitive & Medium.

    My maternal Grandmother told me I had the "family gift" when I was far too young to understand what that meant.


    I am also a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, and Certified Crystal Healer and own a The Healing Collective NY, a Wellness Center & Metaphysical Shop in White Plains, NY.



    I have been sought out for intuitive guidance when clients are facing loss, change or seeking an understanding of their own intuition.


    Through a combination of body work, healing energy, and readings, and coaching, I have proudly helped many clients transform their health and lives.


    Some fun facts about me:

    • I live in CT by the water with my amazing family which consists of rotating roster of my 3 human children, foster animals and 4 permanent fur babies.
    • I am a former barista & self proclaimed coffee snob.
    • I love to cook vegan and vegetarian meals that make people forget they are eating healthy.
    • I'm passionate about human rights & animal rescue.
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    My Story

    How I got here


    I was born a psychic.


    I did not always view this as the gift I now know it to be.

    I was misunderstood by those around me and made to feel like I was crazy to believe the things that I knew to be true. Spirit was always guiding me and sending me signs but I rejected all of that to try to fit in, leading to years of shame and anxiety that resulted in a panic disorder and depression.

    I stayed in relationships and jobs that reflected what others saw for me, but not what I saw for myself.


    After many years, I finally realized I needed to listen to what my soul was calling me to do. Beginning massage school in my late 30's was a major turning point in my life. I began embrace my intuitive and healing gifts which opened so many beautiful doors for me.

    Eight years later I can truly say that I live a life in line with who I am.

    I've ended toxic relationships and cleared out what doesn't serve me.

    Tuning into my intuition has allowed me to attract and maintain healthy relationships and a career that fulfills me.


    By living my soul’s purpose, I have better relationships, earn more income and have improved my overall health.


    I want to share the process I followed with you, so you can discover your gifts and use them in the way that allows you to live your best life!


    Join me,




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    My Clients

    My "Why"


    You are the reason I am here. My life's path is to guide you towards your best life possible.


    My clients range in age from young students to elders.


    Through the magick of technology, I meet in the "same room" with clients all over the world.

  • Ways to work with Alyse



    Soul Aligned Career Coaching

    Escape your Soul -Sucking Job and ascent into your

    Soul Aligned Career through my proven program


    Psychic Intuitive Readings

    In person at our office in White Plains, NY/ Phone/ Video Call


    One on One

    Intuitive Soul Guidance Mentorship

    In person at our office in White Plains, NY/ Phone/ Video Call


    Online Intuitive Development Classes

    Group classes are held live in person or online

  • if you desire...

    • to discover and deepen your relationship with your intuitive gifts
    • to learn how to connect with your higher self
    • to be a part of a supportive community where your "weird" is celebrated without judgement
    • to shift out of unconscious negative repetitve patterns
    • to learn how to work with energy
    • to allow space for the people and things that are in full alignment with your highest good.
    • to finally take action and bring your dreams to life.

    The Intuitive Soul Guidance Course is the perfect fit for you!

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    what you will receive

  • Frequently asked questions

    Some of the things I'm most commonly asked

    Q: I've never had a reading, how does this work?

    A: You and I will meet either in person or virtually (video or audio call) and we will do a quick grounding meditation.


    You can either ask specific questions or something like "what do I need to hear right now?"


    I will then communicate with your guides (angels, past loved ones, ascended masters, etc) tuning into messages that are only from the white light (higher realms) and for your highest good.


    Q: I really want to contact my loved one who's passed can you really help me with that?


    A: The answer is yes and no. As a medium, I can channel messages from your loved one only if they are willing to chat that day.

    I don't have a direct phone number for them and even if I did, they could not feel like answering that day.

    Usually I will receive messages for you from loved ones, but not always what and from whom you'd like.

    Keeping an open mind and heart with few specific expectations is the best way to receive the most beautiful messages from spirit.



    Q: Will you come do group readings for my bookclub/ birthday party/ bachelor party/etc?


    A: Yes! If you are within 20 miles of Stamford CT

    $35/per person per hour

    Minimum 6 people


    Q: Would you speak at my upcoming event?

    A: Yes, I do speaking engagements live and online.

    Contact me for more information


    Q: Where do I sign up?

    A: Right here! Click the "Schedule a Session" button to take you right to my online scheduler.

    Q: What if I'm not sure this is the right fit for me?
    A: Let's schedule a free 10 minute discovery call to find out~
    Any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
  • Testimonials

    good words from great clients

    Carol A.

    Recently I had a reading with Alyse and it was Amazing. She was spot on with all going on in my life and then some. I feel her and I connected on a higher level. Thank you again for an enlightening experience!

    Rebecca T.

     Alyse Faith is amazing. I just had a reading with her and wow. She hit the nail on the head with so many things and really helped me with a few things that have been running through my head. She is a truly gifted woman.

    Denise B.

    Just had the most amazing reading from Alyse Faith this morning, confirmed all of my experiences and direction, reinforced all of my decisions and I am so grateful!

    Last summer she redirected me and gave me clarity with my first reading and it changed a lot for me to remember those words and stay the course.

    Intuition and manifesting are no joke! Doing the hard work of healing yourself pays huge dividends. Forgiveness work and psychotherapy are our friends. I love “parts work” my therapist does to heal my old wounds that inhibited my blessings.

    Love yourself, and become “unfuckwithable” - it’s possible! I’m almost 100% there!

    Carolyn M.

    The phone call was like talking to an old friend (we barely know each other). I had a major decision to make and she brought so good clarity to my attention. I felt so light after the session and have been running on high vibrations ever since. She’s completely gifted and open. Anyone that has been struggling with a question or situation, get some divine, intuitive help.

    L. Olivia

    Alyse never ceases to amaze me! I have had several intuitive sessions with Alyse over the past few years. Her insight and ability to really "tap in" has always been spot on! Her compassion, caring and no nonsense sincerely brings to light things in a way that leaves me feeling empowered and prepared!

    Al E.

    I have been writing this review in my head for a while, because it's truly hard to find earthly words to describe what always feels like such a transcendental experience. Meeting Alyse has felt like a blessing. Her energy (calming, while still being edgy and real) and wisdom is like a massage for the heart. When I find myself struggling emotionally (kids, argh) or physically (she cured a headache I had for days!), I genuinely feel comforted by the idea that Alyse is an appointment away.


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