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Living a spirit guided life

some things I've learned so far

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Living a Spirit Guided Life

I learned years ago that everything we perceive here in the physical world is a merely a construct of our consciousness. This seemingly woo-woo spiritual concept is indeed backed by scientific studies in quantum physics.

The energy that creates us, our souls, can never die. Energy can not be destroyed, it only changes form. Therefore we do not ever die, our energy merely shifts to another vibrational level. We can communicate with beings from higher realms, passed love ones, Angels & Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc… We can use these communications to assist us on our paths here in the physical world.

Once we acknowledge these 3 concepts, we can admit to ourselves that we have infinite power. The intuitive voice we have is a gift from this Higher Power to live our best lives. It is when we are in alignment with this voice, this guidance, that we will reach our true potential here in the physical world and beyond.

We all have within us the spark of life that comes directly from the divine/God/Universe/Higher Power (terms which can all be used interchangeably based on belief). We are all literally spiritual beings having a human experience. This last sentence sounds almost cliché I have heard it so often but it is the core of my belief system.

How can you apply these principles to your everyday living?

Boiled down to the very basics, begin with these 4 actions:

1. Be open

2. Listen

3. Feel

4. Love

Be Open:

As much as you can, begin to see yourself as an empty vessel, with no preconceived notions or filters. Approach people and situations as if they are as well. Attempt to remove judgement and experience objectively.


Once you are open you will begin to hear more and more clearly the voice of Spirit/God/Universal Consciousness. Your intuition IS listening to Spirit/God/Universal Consciousness/ Spirit as we are one and the same.

This does not mean you will hear the sound of an actual physical voice in your head (it’s possible that you could) but that you will just know. If you are wondering if its “just your imagination,” the way to know is that the guidance that comes from Spirit/God/Universe will always be a loving and positive one. If you are hearing negative self talk or fear based nonsense, that is not Spirit/God/Universe. Acknowledge as false, retune as you would a radio station playing a song you don’t like, and move on.


You have heard your whole life to “trust your gut.” This is truth. Our bodies hold infinite knowledge, pretty sure we all believe this as we are all participants in this BodyLove Goddess amazingness. I will take it one step further though to say trust your HEART, not just your gut. Your body will not lie to you, it’s our brains that do and often the brain-belly connection is a little too strongly fear/trauma based (more on that in later posts).

Our hearts however operate with the strongest force in the universe and higher realms and that is LOVE. If you are not sure how to proceed with any given situation, sit for a moment follow steps 1 & 2 and then FEEL with your heart. Is this something that sparks excitement in your heart or is it something you feel like you are supposed to do or doing because you are scared? Always choose the passionate, excited option as this is that voice of your Higher Self/Spirit/God/Universe. When you are in alignment with your true purpose, no matter how outrageously impossible we think (brain based) it is, we will be shown otherwise!


Walk around life blasting the fuck out of everyone and every situation with LOVE. This may be the most challenging step. The people and the situations you find the most challenging, negative, and just plain yucky, are the very most important ones to be blasting. I personally find this the most difficult while driving on i95 everyday, saying to the schmuck that cuts me off then hits their brakes, “I fucking LOVE you,” and mean it.

Humanity needs this force now more than ever in history. Be a Lightworker, what ever that means to you. Be that light beam of positivity in the darkness that cuts through like a hot knife through an ice cream cake. You will be literally healing the world. As a bonus the law of attraction dictates like attracts like and you will be rewarded by attracting more and more love and positivity into your lives.

Would love to hear back from you all.

How do you live a Spirit based life?

What does it mean to you?

How has the Universe supported you when you have been in true alignment with your purpose?

Love and Light

Alyse Faith xx