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New Moon Ritual

Using the Law of attraction

· manifestation,rituals,intention setting

Just as in the beginning of a new year, each month allows us another new beginning with each new moon. The new moon is the beginning of the moon cycle.

New moon is known as the most powerful phase of the moon for manifesting. The new moon is a blank page, waiting to be written on. This is the ideal time to call on your intentions, and set the tone for the next cycle. There are apps like Moon Phase or websites like where you can track the 8 phases of the moon.

Ritual preparation:

The evening of the new moon set aside 20-30 minutes.

Prepare your physical body by taking a clearing salt bath, anointing yourself with essential oils or smudging yourself with sage or Palo Santo.

Set the mood further by gathering some sacred objects that you are attracted to like crystals (find a list of powerful crystals for manifesting below.)

Turn on some high vibe music (I like chanting or mantra music) and light some candles.

Find a comfortable place to sit and meditate for a few minutes focusing on the moon. If you can’t see it from where you are, you can imagine it in your minds’ eye. Feel your connection to the moon and to your sense of divinity in whatever form you are comfortable with.


Write your intentions on a piece of paper. Say it aloud to bring even more power to it. Speak of it as if it is in the present.


Meditate on this intention for a few minutes allowing yourself to feel the vibrational energy of this new reality.

Receive: Relax into the belief that your intention is now set and already well underway. Give gratitude that your desires have been met.